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Big game fishing. Cruising. Racing. A world of excitement and adventure beckons those willing to lose sight of the shore and head out to sea.

Boating Stories

Mastering how to navigate a boat is a basic skill needed by boaters of all experience levels. Understanding the fundamentals of marine navigation simply ensures that once you leave the dock, you know how to get where you're going safely and efficiently. 

Learning how to use a VHF radio is part of the elementary skills needed for successful marine communication. There are two main types of VHF marine radios for your boat: a hand-held or fixed-mount unit. Find out the basic steps for using a VHF, both for general communications or during an emergency.

In the market for a new boat, and leaning towards a personal watercraft (PWC)? You'll have a number of options to consider, including brand, number of passengers, and model-type, such as recreation, cruising or touring, performance and stand-up—learn more in our PWC buyer's guide.