Boat Ownership Basics

Owning a boat doesn't have to be intimidating—it should be fun, exciting and rewarding. Your own boat means you have your own personal anytime-ticket for a vacation on-demand. To get started, follow our boat ownership guide to dive into things like insurance, storage, maintenance and more.

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How to Get a Boating License

Boating license and education requirements vary by state, but most courses and tests can be completed online. 

Register Your Boat Online

Boat registration is critical part of boat ownership. Learning how to register your boat is easy, and you can start the process right now.

how to register a boat
boating courses, education and training

Begin On-Water Training

Boating education and training begins with basic boat operation and safety—which is best done before your first trip to the launch ramp.

Featured Articles

Inspirations stories, educational articles, and tips for new & experienced captains.

Learning how to safety tow a boat in the water with another boat is a good skill to have for all boaters. Towing boats at sea is no simple task, so be cautious and take necessary safety measures—follow these basic steps for towing a disabled boat.

Better bring your appetite: Here’s where to dock and dine along the Eastern Seaboard. If you're boating anywhere from Maine, down through the Carolinas and into Florida, add these top waterfront restaurants to your list of must-visits.

If you’re selling your boat you want to price it right, and also get top dollar—so you have a bigger down payment for your next boat, of course. Follow our guide to help you determine the average price for your boat, and how to compare similar models by checking other online resources.