Overnight Cruising

Do you dream of leisurely exploring the world beyond the shores, traveling to exotic ports or heading out for destinations unknown? Cruising can make those dreams a reality. Many people choose to cruise because they want to get away and have an adventure. For others, cruising represents the ultimate vacation. And a surprising number of people live on their boats full time, making their neighborhoods anywhere they choose to drop anchor.

Boating Stories

Thinking about living on a boat full-time? Transitioning to a liveaboard lifestyle takes time, planning, flexibility and a lot of preparation. Here's some factors to consider before making the move, including expenses, onboard essentials, safety and security.

The 2019 Norwalk Boat Show sets sail on September 19-22 at Norwalk Cove Marina. As one of the largest boat shows in the Northeast, the show offers plenty to see and do. Visitors can look forward to boat handling skills and watersports lessons, along with plenty of boats for sale.

Marine batteries are specifically designed for use on a boat and are typically more reliable than a car battery. If properly taken care of, boat batteries can last a long time. Let's breakdown the basics of caring for your marine battery, including choosing the right type of boat battery, charging, wiring and set up.