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A sailboat designed primarily for speed and competition with a minimum of built-in creature comforts.


A fast sailboat designed with comfortable accommodations.


Electronic device using high frequency radio waves to detect objects and display their positions on a monitor.


Distance a boat can travel at cruising speed on a tank of fuel. Also, the distance to an object. Lastly, in intracoastal navigation, a set of two markers that, when lined up one behind the other, indicate the deepest part of the channel.


To sail across the wind.

ready about

Last warning given by a helmsman before tacking and turning the bow into the wind, notifying the crew that the boom and sail will cross the boat.

receiver box

Part of a hitch that receives and holds the hitch bar or shank.

receiver hitch

A hitch with a receiver from which a hitch bar or shank can be removed.


Liquid substance used in fiberglass composite construction that, when combined with a catalyst, bonds laminate materials together.

reverse chine

A chine that angles downward from the hull designed to direct spray out and awayfrom the boat.

RIB (rigid inflatable boat)

An inflatable boat fitted with a rigid bottom.


Wire cables, rods, lines, hardware and other equipment that support and control the mast and spars.

rocket launcher

A device designed for a fishing boat that bolts to the cockpit floor or is incorporated into a bench seat, to hold multiple fishing rods.

rod holder

Device designed to safely and securely hold fishing rods either vertically or horizontally.


Line, chain, cable or any combination of these used to connect the anchor to the boat.

rolled-edge skiff

A fishing boat designed to run in coastal waters constructed of a simple, one-piece fiberglass hull without a top deck and characterized by rounded top edges without true gunwales.

roller trailer

A trailer outfitted with rollers instead of bunks.


Protective outer bumper that runs around the boat at the point where the top deck meets the hull.


Underwater fin mounted below the hull near the stern that controls boat steering.


A kind of small, lightweight, freshwater pleasurecraft intended for day use.

running lights

Required navigation lights that a vessel uses at night to indicate position and status.

running rigging

Lines used in the setting and trimming of sails.