Glossary of Boating Terms

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A single layer of material used in multi-layered fiberglass construction.

lamination schedule

A list of the sequential layers of materials used in fiberglass construction.


Geographic distance north or south of the equator expressed in degrees and minutes.

leaning post

Wide, padded bolster at the helm used instead of or in lieu of conventional seats.


Direction toward which the wind blows.

lee side

The side of an object that is sheltered from the wind.


To slip sideways downwind while moving forward.


Safety lines on deck that are grabbed to prevent falling overboard.


A continuous lean to one side due to improper weight distribution.


Compartment on a fishing boat designed to keep fish or bait alive.


Length overall; the distance between the most forward part of the boat and the most aft part.


A stowage compartment, whether equipped with a lock or not.


Geographic distance east or west of the prime meridian expressed in degrees and minutes.

Loran C

Electronic navigation system that measures the time difference in the reception of radio signals from land-based transmitters.


The leading edge of a sail.