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Line used to hoist a spar or sail.

harbor master

The person at a harbor in charge of anchorages, berths and harbor traffic.

hard chine

A sharp-angle at the intersection of the hull's side and bottom.

hard over

Turning the steering wheel or tiller all the way in one direction.


A large fiberglass roof or platform over the helm area.


A deck opening.


To lift a boat from the water.

hawse pipe

Fittings in the deck or gunwale through which the anchor rode or dock lines run.


Toilet facilities or room where they are located.

head seas

Waves coming from the direction a boat is heading.


The direction a boat is pointed.


Any sail set forward of the mast.


Forward motion of a boat in the water.


To pull on a line. Also to throw a line.

heaving to

Setting the sails so the boat makes little headway, either used in a storm or a waiting situation.


To temporarily tip or lean to one side.


Area of a boat where operational controls are located.

high-performance boat

A type of boat capable of running at high speeds, often equipped with high-horsepower and exotic propulsion systems, sometimes used for racing.


To lean out on the windward side of a sailboat to achieve optimal speed by offsetting heeling.


Steel framework on a tow vehicle used to hook up a trailer.

hitch ball

The ball-shaped component of the hitch that fits into the trailer coupler.

holding tank

Storage tank for gray water.


A large, flat-bottom boat with square sides and house-like characteristics, such as comfortable furniture and living accommodations.


The structural body of the boat that rests in the water.