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A metal pole with a hooked end used to boat a fish. Also a pole or spar that holds the upper portion of a four-sided sail.


The kitchen area on a boat.


A combination of resin and pigment that comprises the smooth outside coating of a fiberglass boat.


An overlapping jib.


Another name for a gas- or disel-powered electric generator.

give way

Yield to other traffic.


Acronym for global positioning system, a satellite-based navigation system that uses trasmitted signals and mathematical triangulation to pinpoint location.

gross axle weight rating (GAWR)

The maximum weight an axle is designed to carry.

gross combined weight rating (GCWR)

The maximum allowable weight of a fully loaded tow vehicle plus its fully loaded trailer, including passengers and cargo.

gross trailer weight rating (GTWR)

The maximum allowable weight of trailer and its cargo.

gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)

The maximum allowable weight of a fully equipped tow vehicle including passengers and cargo.


To explore creeks, coves marshes or other shallow areas near shore.


The upper edge of the side of a boat.


Also spelled jibe. To change the course of a boat so that the boom swings over to the opposite side.