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Affordable, durable, and easily towed or carried in a truck bed (or even car-topped!), aluminum fishing boats are an ideal solution for the boater who wants a versatile, inexpensive craft. Layouts are simple and straight-forward; bench seats are the norm. Construction typically consists of a single-walled, riveted, or welded boat bottom, or “hull”. Small outboards with tiller steering (a lever moved by hand) or a cable-operated steering wheel allow greater range at an additional cost. A gentle V-shapped boat bottom, or “hull”, is typical; “jon” boats are another popular choice, with a flat bottom that’s stable and easily skidded onto shore.

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Small aluminum boats are an ideal choice for fishing close to shore in relatively protected waters, and their exceptionally minimal draft is perfect for getting into shallow areas off limits to larger craft. The basic aluminum boat is also a great first boat for kids, allowing them to explore waters close to home while limiting worries about damage or maintenance. Duck hunters also frequently use aluminum boats to get into swampy, shallow areas.

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Compact, low-horsepower outboards the perfect choice. Quiet and small enough to store when not in use, an outboard can also be fully lifted, or “trimmed”, out of the water.

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