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I Discovered Boating Ad Contest
I Discovered Boating Ad Contest

The results are in, and we’ve selected two lucky winners who will each get $5000 in cash. And, if Discover Boating runs the ad as part of our advertising campaign, we’ll add another $5,000 to the prize—for a total of $10,000.

Video Winner:

"What can you discover when you Discover Boating?" (David Knight, Pittsboro, N.C.) Knight’s video illustrates the essence of Discover Boating and addressed a broad audience by showcasing the many facets of the boating lifestyle. This video captures the evolution of boating, how it connects family and friends and builds traditions.

Photo Winner:

"Just add … people" (Ken Lancaster, Highland Village, Tex.) Lancaster’s snapshot highlights the importance of spending quality time with friends and family and how there’s nothing better than spending that time aboard a boat.


Video Finalists

Sophie Discovers BoatingAndy AndersonSan Diego, CA
"Day On The Water"Guy BakerPortland, OR
Isn't it time you discovered boatingJustin SpenceDallas, TX
Isn't it Time?Julia ShafferMonticello, MN
Happy FeetKen LancasterHighland Village, TX
BoatingMat ByronPortland, ME
I Love BoatingOlan RogersCordova. TN
The Adventure of a LifetimeRed ClarkChicago, IL
Discover Boating: Get a LifeRyan LeerEden Prairie, MN

Photo Finalists

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