Sailors are passionate about their time on the water – buoyed by a sense of empowerment as the wind fills the sails and the boat glides peacefully through the water. Sailing is a green activity, is wind powered, and is fulfilling for anyone at any age. This is the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about – to share with family and friends close to home or in magnificent cruising grounds around the world. Whether you’re interested in day sailing, cruising, competitive racing, or charter vacations, there is a sailboat for you and a lifetime of sailing adventures ahead.

Choosing the Right Sailboat for You

Traditional wisdom says to start with something small, maybe a dinghy or simple sloop (single-masted boat with two sails), hone your skills and move up. That’s great for your kids –a boat that can capsize will teach you to sail very quickly – but most adults are better off investing in a small keelboat…

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Pro Tip: In general, sails should be relatively flat when the wind is either very light or very strong, and full when there is a moderate wind.

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