How to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane: Before & After

Being proactive and getting prepared before the hurricane or tropical storm hits is extremely important—not only for the safety of you and your loved ones, but also for the safety of your boat.

Boat Safety Checklist & Safety Equipment

When it comes to a boat safety checklist, there's a wide variety of equipment that responsible boaters should have onboard. The U.S. Coast Guard requires different items for different boat sizes, but some basic gear should always be kept aboard and inspected when completing your pre-departure checklist.

14 Safe Boating Tips Every Boater Must Follow

Boating is all about having fun—and it's also all about being safe and responsible while you're out on the water. These 14 safe boating tips will help you ensure safety for all passengers onboard whether you're enjoying a sunny day on the lake or cruising across the ocean.

The Top Tips for Taking Your Dog Boating

Nothing is more exhilarating that the smell of the sea and the wind in your hair as you sail carefree under a warm sun. If you enjoy boating, there's no reason not to take your best friend with you, after all, dogs love going places with their owners.

How to Avoid Hypothermia While Boating in Cold Weather

This article covers everything you need to know about hypothermia in water — including what water temperature causes hypothermia and what to do if you get stuck in it while boating.