Boating While Pregnant: What You Should Know

Our team is revealing everything you need to know about boating while pregnant in this blog post. Keep reading to learn the risks, benefits, and helpful tips for boating and pregnancy.

How to Promote Adaptive Sailing and Boating

The sailing community is making waves with the rise of adaptive sailing programs. These programs help people of all abilities experience the joy and freedom of being out on the water.

Three Things to Know as a First Time Boat Owner

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Five Reasons to Take a Boating Safety Course Before You Rent a Boat

5 Critical Reasons why everyone should take a boating safety course before renting a boat

Boat Navigation Light Rules

Navigation lights are critical gear on any boat, whether you operate after dark or not. While those boatlights green and red boat lights (along with some others) are always required after the sun sets, navigation lights also need to be used in any type of restricted visibility.

How to Choose a Life Raft for Your Boat

Life raft basics and picking one that will fit your needs

Navigation Buoys and Channel Markers 101: What Do the Red & Green Markers Indicate?

As boaters we have plenty of channel markers, buoys, and aids indicating everything from channels to no wake zones.

Boaters, Did You Make Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?

Little kids aren’t the only ones who need a reminder or two at this point in the year to behave better.

Maneuvering Your Boat in Different Conditions: Assessing Wind & Current

Boats are subjected to outside influences including wind and current—sometimes both at once—which will affect how and where the boat moves.

Boat Fenders ("Bumpers") 101: Tying, Placement & Usage

Boat fenders, often referred to as "boat bumpers" by new or novice boaters, provide a cushion between your boat and a dock, jetty or another boat.