7 Best Boating and Fishing Gifts for Dad

fishing gifts for dad
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Whether your special boating dad is into fishing with the kids, high-energy watersports, or enjoys relaxing afternoons spent day cruising, we can guarantee one thing: he loves getting boating goodies. 

Of course, there are many different boating gear and equipment out there, and you may need help figuring out the best gift for Father's Day, his birthday, or another holiday. 

Here are seven boating and fishing gift ideas for Dad that will help you narrow your selection.

The Top Father's Day Boating Gifts

boating gifts for dad

1. Safety Gear

Nothing says "we love you," like giving someone a present that could one day possibly save their life. In this day and age, there are many safety items to choose from:

  • You could get him a satellite messenger, which allows for emergency communications from just about anywhere on the face of the planet. Some even feature remote texting via satellite, so he can touch base with you from the boat even when out of cell range.
  • Another great pick might be a new life jacket or personal floatation device (PFD) that's so comfortable that he doesn't mind wearing it. Between inflatable models, new form-fitting life jackets, and cold-weather float coats, you should have no problem finding one that's ideal for him.
  • Or, a remote monitoring system that lets him check the boat's bilge water levels, battery charge state, and GPS location would give your Dad some peace of mind.

Basic Boating Safety Guide

2. Fishing Tackle 

fathers day boating and fishing gifts

It's a sure bet that if the father you're gifting is an angler, he already has a stack of rods, reels, and fishing tackle. But it's just as sure a bet that he'd like more! 

Take a virtual stroll through Fishing Gear, Tackle, and Equipment to get ideas for the perfect gift.

3. Water Sports Gear

Whether wakesurfingwakeboardingwater skiing, or kneeboarding is Dad's favorite gig, his spirits are bound to be buoyed by new watersports gear. 

But if your father is into watersports, this may be an opportunity to expand the family's horizons by adding some new excitement to the mix.
Whatever the sport of choice, getting a tow-tube can be fun for everyone and makes for more mellow watersports action after the hard-core rides are over. 

Explore All Boating Activities

4. Boat Parts

Did Dad recently come home from the boat with a grimace, thanks to a broken boat part? It's up to you to turn that frown upside-down. We want to note that in this case, getting the correct specific part is imperative—the ideal propeller for boat A is not necessarily the ideal propeller for Boat B, and whether you're looking to fix a ripped Bimini top or a cracked cooler seat, matching up the old with the new is imperative.

Our Boat Parts, Marine Hardware, and Original Equipment page provides links to many boat parts manufacturers. 

But before making any purchases, we recommend matching up part numbers or reaching out to the manufacturer directly to make sure the gift fits the bill.

5. Boating Pet Pack

Is your Dad a bit bummed when he leaves his dog locked up in the house to go boating? If so, a boating pet pack that makes bringing your pet out on the water easy could make a marvelous gift. A dog life jacket, collapsible water bowl, and some "puppy pads" make boating with that pup a breeze.

6. Boat Club Membership

Even if you already have a boat in the family, gifting Dad a boat club membership can be a great move—especially if he spends a lot of time on the road. 

Boat clubs allow you to schedule the use of a boat where and when it's convenient, so you can get out on the water if there's some downtime during a business trip or when you're traveling on vacation.

Most of the major boat clubs have locations nationwide and sometimes even internationally. So, while Dad may love the boat you already have, a boating club is a great way to help him expand his horizons. And if there isn't already a boat in the family, boat clubs are a way to dip a toe into the lifestyle before jumping in head over heels.

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7. A New Boat

Okay, we admit it; this is a pretty extreme gift. But hey—what present could top a new boat? Nothing! To give the ultimate gift, visit our Boat Finder and start shopping.

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