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According to the American Sportfishing Association, there are over 60 million anglers in the United States, and they all share one thing in common: they need lots and lots of fishing gear. If you want to try wetting a line from your boat, you’re going to need some fishing accessories, too. There are basic must-haves, like fishing rods reel, line, and lures, but there’s also some equipment you may want for more specialized fishing adventures. Big-game anglers may need accessories like fighting chairs and outriggers, while freshwater anglers may want to invest in baitwells or high-tech fishfinders. Naturally, just what you need depends to a large degree on whether you own a freshwater fishing boat and plan to pursue species like bass and walleye, versus owning a saltwater fishing boat and chasing after fish like stripers or tuna. In all cases, remember that freshwater fishing gear and saltwater fishing gear can both be rather specialized for specific fisheries. The net result? You’ll need even more fishing accessories, so you can try to catch all kinds of different critters and be prepared for every eventuality.




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