Boat Show Season Shopping Tips

Preparation Is Key To Boat Show Season

New Online Tools Help Consumers Navigate Boat Purchase With Confidence.

Whether you’re a newcomer to boating or you’re a veteran on the water, there’s something about boat show season that rekindles your excitement during the chillier months and keeps you hanging on until that spring thaw has you counting down until launch day.

It comes around every year about this time, from January through April or so, and draws you inside for a climate-controlled look at gleaming new gelcoat, sparkling aluminum and an expansive collection of accessories and gadgets you never knew you needed.

For some of us, our visit will be aspirational...a good way to start thinking about our next upgrade. For others, it’s bold new adventure in learning about the different boat brands, local dealers, and all the latest innovations that have been developed to improve boat handling, passenger safety, and pure enjoyment of the water.

The best place to start your boat show adventure is to visit our handy online Boat Show Finder here. The boat show websites listed here will provide info on everything from driving and parking directions to a complete, searchable database of brands and dealerships which will be exhibiting at the show.

Once you track down your local show, the fun can really start, particularly if you’re in the market for a new boat. That’s because it’s time to begin the “research” part of your journey. And the first place to start is the our Boat Finder that lets you narrow down the kind of boat that will be perfect for you and your family. You can choose from a range of category filters and adjust each one until you find your “dream boat.” Categories include Activities, Number of Passengers, Boat Length, Price Range, Propulsion, and even whether you’ll be trailering your boat or keeping it in the water or dry storage.

The great thing about the Boat Locator Tool is that your whole family can feel part of the process by contributing their own “wish list.” Maybe you love freshwater fishing, but your family is into watersports. Or maybe you have a need for speed and your wife has always dreamed about a cabin cruiser you can use for overnight trips. By mixing and matching everyone’s wants and needs, you may come across a type of boat you’ve never even heard about.

You can even find out about certified boat dealers, financing and insurance options, and warranty information all before you even walk through the door of the boat show. A little preparation leads to more confidence that you’re making a smart, well-informed decision that works for you and your family. And knowing that you’re armed with the latest information may just help you enjoy the boat show experience even more.