The Top 5 Boat Rental Options to Consider

Are you contemplating boat rental options? Congratulations! Renting a boat is boatloads of fun (literally). And with plenty of boat rentals to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find one suitable for your lifestyle and budget. 

If you’re interested in exploring the various types of boats to rent, keep reading. This blog post will help you determine the best rental boat for you – depending on your budget, ideal boating activities, water conditions, group size, and more. 

5 Boat Rental Options to Consider

1. Pontoon Boat Rentals 

Want to take all your friends and family on a day cruise? It sounds like a pontoon rental boat might be for you. These versatile rental boat options can host up to 12 people. Plus, most companies supply coolers so you can pack food and drinks to enjoy all day.  

Pontoon boats are one of the best ways to get families on the water, as they’re easy to handle (even for first-time boaters). And because they accommodate a wide variety of water sports (tubing, fishing, sunbathing, grilling, and more), everyone will be entertained.

Note: we don’t recommend pontoon boat rentals if you plan on riding through choppy water. 

2. Deck Boat Rentals

The next type of boat that you can rent is a deck boat. These rental boats are similar to pontoon boats, yet they’re a bit faster and more powerful. And because deck boats are somewhat of a cross between pontoon and ski boats, they’re ideal for adventurous families and friend groups.

Combining the nimble handling of a bowrider with extra space and seating for large groups, this popular rental option is versatile. Plus, it's easy to operate, and relatively affordable. 

3. Fishing Boat Rentals

Are there any anglers out there? If so, renting a fishing boat is a surefire way to have a memorable weekend. Many fishing boat rentals come stocked with poles, live wells, depth finders, and everything else you need for a fun and safe fishing adventure. And because there’s a wide variety of fishing boats available (row boats to bass boats and everything in between), you’re guaranteed to find something suitable to your budget and experience level.

4. Ski Boat Rentals

Want to spend a weekend wakeboarding? Or tubing? Or water skiing? If so, renting an inboard ski or wake boat is the way to go.

When it comes to water sports, having fewer people on board is better. And these rental boats’ powerful engines will get your buddies up on their skis in no time. 

5. Cabin Cruiser Boat Rentals

Cabin Cruisers are powerboats that provide overnight accommodations. Therefore, they are a terrific rental boat option for people looking to venture on overnighters or weekend excursions. Generally, these rental boats range in size from about 20 to 40 feet, which puts them on the more expensive side. However, they offer a unique opportunity to anchor and sleep overnight comfortably, which should be on every boater’s bucket list. 


The Benefits of Renting a Boat

Still on the fence about renting a boat for your next vacation? Check out these benefits of renting a boat that — hopefully — will convince you to take the plunge:

1. It’s Affordable

Renting a boat is significantly more affordable than purchasing a vessel of your own. In fact, you can rent a boat for vacation for as little as $100 per day. Typically, the cost of fuel is included in the boat rental price.

2. No Experience Required

Believe it or not, you don’t need much experience to rent a boat for the day. Certain rental companies offer captains for hire, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the excursion.

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3. No Maintenance or Upkeep Needed

Owning and operating a boat inevitably means dealing with boat maintenance and upkeep. However, choosing to rent a boat circumvents all that. One of the biggest perks to renting a boat is enjoying a day on the water without having to fix anything, refuel constantly, or worry about storing and/or trailering.

4. Test Different Boat Options

If you’re considering buying a boat yet aren’t sure which one, renting is a fantastic way to test drive various boat brands and models. When you choose to rent a boat, you have the luxury of renting a speedboat one day and a pontoon boat the next. By perusing various rental boats, you can determine which are good options. 

Boat Rental Resources and Insider Info

Renting a boat for your next vacation is simple, affordable, and (boat) loads of fun. If you’re eager to learn more about the boat rental process, browse our selection of boating blogs!

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