7 Cool Pontoon Boat Accessories for Summer

Just as all boats are not created equal, all boat accessories are not created equal, either. Take pontoon boats and pontoon boat accessories, for example. They’re designed for a completely different day of fun on the water than, say, a fishing boat and its accessories, or a sailboat and its accessories.

cool pontoon boat accessories

Pontoon boats are all about sharing fun in the sun with family and friends. Pontoons are stable and wide with lots of seating and places to put a cooler full of snacks and drinks. They can make a terrific platform for early-morning or sunset cruises, or for a romantic dinner on board. Pontoon boats can also be great for watersports like wakeboarding, water skiing and more.

Cool pontoon boat accessories add to these experiences in lots of ways. Here’s a look at seven great pontoon boat accessories that can help you take the fun quotient up a notch or two.

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1. Under-Deck Lighting

If you like to be out on the water at sunrise, sunset or during the nighttime hours when the moon is high in the sky, then under-deck lights are not only a cool pontoon boat accessory, but also a must-have pontoon boat accessory.

There are a number of different brands and manufacturers that offer under-deck lighting, and many even come with plastic mounting channels and adhesive strips for easy installation. The strips of lighting are made to be cut, in order to achieve a perfect-size fit, and they’re of course waterproof. They light up the boat either at anchor or in motion.

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boat grill mount

2. Boat Grill & Mount

Who doesn't enjoy a good cookout? Now, try having one on board your boat. There are a variety of marine-use grills available on today's market, and many even include special mounting or bracket systems—giving pontoon boat owners a way to mount their grill of choice over the boat’s side and away from the people on board (you know, just in case you “over-char” a burger and the smoke gets a little, shall we say, excessive).

These kinds of mounting systems can attach to the pontoon boat’s rail, keeping all the rest of the space on board free for coolers full of whatever you want to cook.

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3. Bar Tray

To help keep everything organized during chow time, it's often a good idea to invest in a bar serving tray. Many of these portable trays can attach to a standard 1.25-inch pontoon square channel, and they're built to hold bottles of soda, cups, straws, plates of food and more.

Don't forget, if you're utilizing your bar tray for some ice-cold adult beverages, you'll want to make sure you designate a sober skipper in advance who can handle the safe operation of the boat.

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4. Aluminum Pontoon Boat Ramp

Getting in and out of the boat can be harder for some people than others—and for kids with little legs, as well as dogs with even littler legs. Enter the solution: a portable aluminum boat ramp.

This kind of product creates an easy-access platform for people to embark or disembark the pontoon boat, and some can even hold up to 600 pounds at a time. Most use universal mounting brackets, which are made specifically to fit most pontoon-boat models.

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pontoon tow bar tower

5. Watersports Tow Bar Tower

For pontoon boat owners who want to do tow sports like wakeboard, water skiing or tubing, installing a tow bar tower can be a game-changer. These bars are often available in black or polished aluminum, and come with mounting equipment.

Hooking a towrope to a bar like this, instead of to a cleat on the boat itself, makes for a much more enjoyable tow-sports experience for the boat skipper and wakeboarder alike.

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6. Arm Rests & Cupholders

Pontoon boats are often designed for comfort and functionality, but for owners who want to take their luxury to the next level, adding additional armrests or cupholders can be a minor upgrade with major benefits.

Some armrests even have built-in cupholders or storage panels, and almost all are made with marine-grade vinyl to protect against mildew and UV, keeping your boat and its accessories looking fresh and new.

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accessories for pontoon boats

7. Pontoon Picnic Station

A fun day out on the water can mean a big mess on the boat. Similar to a bar tray, a "picnic" station is designed to help keep everything in its place. Many of these stations include utensil storage drawers, trashcan storage shelves and recessed drink holders.

Some picnic stations even include specialized countertops for keeping food prep all in one place. And of course, all the latches, hinges and fasteners are made from marine-grade stainless steel on most models.

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