Women in Boating: 6 Women Making Waves in the Boating Industry

In honor of Women's History Month, we want to highlight some remarkable women boaters making their mark in the marine industry. From owning successful businesses to running educational programs, countless females are shaping the boating world. 

Today, we'll meet just a few of these inspiring individuals making a name for themselves across the industry.

women making waves

Spotlighting 6 Women in Marine Industry

From navigating open seas to pioneering boat design, these women in boating are demonstrating their skills and encouraging more women to pursue the hobby.

Sophi Horne

Meet Sophi Horne, a key player in the boating world! She's the brains behind Seabird Technologies and the Head of Design for the RaceBird E1 Series. You might have heard of Racebird—the first-ever high-performance, all-electric foil racing boat designed for head-to-head competitions.

Growing up in Sweden, Sophie's family instilled a love for boating in her. They'd often sail together, even engaging in friendly competitions. And in her late teens, Sophie discovered a passion for branding and graphic design. Shortly after becoming an adult, this combination of skills led her to a major marine company, launching her career path.

Now, Sophie's achievements are beyond impressive, with Racebird making waves in the E1 series. She also leads Seabird Technologies by crafting top-notch electric motorboats that turn heads worldwide. Quite the journey, right?

Mary Goff, Regina Krieger & Thelma Brooks

Over at Narragansett Sailing School in Rhode Island, they've got an excellent All-Women's Sailing Program led by three incredible women. First up is Mary Goff, the big boss and owner, who's certified as an ASA instructor and USCG captain. She caught the sailing bug when she was just a kid!

Then there's Reginer Krieger, a seasoned Captain who's now crushing it in coastal sailing and racing. Completing the trio is Thelma Brooks, who's been in love with sailing since 2007 and shares the joy with her family.

These three ladies make waves with their unique sailing program – just for women sailors. They've cooked up a relaxed and stress-free learning vibe, catering to the preferences of their women boaters crew.

Their classes cover everything from sailing techniques, cruising, certifications, and sailing trips to private lessons, docking skills, and even diesel engine courses. And it's not just about empowering women in the marine world; it's also about building connections between seasoned sailors and eager learners. Seeing the impact of programs like this is seriously inspiring for all the women in the marine industry!

Betty Bauman

Next is Betty Bauman, the incredible mind behind "Ladies, Let's Go Fishing!" Betty's love for boating started in her youth – armed with only a tree branch as her fishing rod. From these beginnings, she developed a strong passion for fishing.

Later, Betty turned her passion into a unique business, combining her love for fishing with a commitment to conservation. Through her company and seminars, she has introduced the joy of fishing to over 8,000 women in the marine industry. 

Notably, Betty and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) organized a fishing seminar that garnered national attention for her and her business.

The weekend seminars, designed to be laid-back and welcoming, provide hands-on training in different water environments and fishing techniques, including fly fishing. Betty's accomplishments are especially remarkable in an industry where women in boating haven't always been in the spotlight.

Elayna Carausu

With almost 1.9 million YouTube fans, Elayna Caraus and her crew have built a significant online following. 

Their adventure started in 2014 when Elayna and her husband set sail with the dream of sailing worldwide. Along the way, they learned how to sail, tackling the sea's ups and downs. Elayna takes on the roles of sailor, videographer, and mom—which is quite a juggling act!

The Caraus family's YouTube videos primarily focus on their sailboat life and parenting a two- and five-year-old. And despite their many roles, Elayna and her crew have become sailing experts and built a vibrant online community. 

Women in Marine Industry – Ready to Chart Their Course

The water is calling, and more women are answering! Thanks to trailblazers like these individuals, more women boaters are joining the hobby – bringing new energy to the community.
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