The Ultimate Resource List for Women in Boating

For years, recreational boating has been seen as a hobby primarily enjoyed by men. However, times are changing, and more and more women are taking to the water and discovering the joys of boating. That’s why we’re providing a comprehensive list of boating resources for women in today’s blog post. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing our top picks for women-only boating classes, community groups, female boating apparel, sailing associations, boating activities, and more down below:

Top Boating Resources for Women

1. Safety First! Take a Boating Basics Course

When it comes to boating, safety is key. That’s why we recommend that every boater take a boating basics course before hitting the water.

Nobody takes their boat out and thinks they will get into an accident. However, there were 4,439 boating accidents in 2021. And while alcohol, hazardous water, and lack of boating experience are some of the leading causes, a vast majority of accidents happen to boaters who haven’t received boater safety education. 

If you’re a relatively new female boater, a safety education course will make you feel more comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable on the helm. Plenty of classes are available exclusively for women. Check out some of our top picks: 

2. Find Your Crew

It doesn’t matter who you are – boating becomes much more enjoyable when you can share it with others!

If you need help figuring out how to go about that, we’ve got you covered. Start by researching female-focused events at your local boat club. Then, you can round up some of your leading ladies to join you on your nautical adventures. 


In addition, there are endless boating communities and networks available online. And some of those organizations cater exclusively to women:

3. Shop for Gear

Once you’ve taken a boating safety course and found your boating crew, you’re ready to stock up on boating gear. 

For a successful day on the water, you’ll need boating apparel, life jackets, non-slip shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats/visors, dry bags, and personal items. And with so many brands on the market, endless options are available to make your look your own. 

Want to support a female-owned or female-founded brand? (It is Women’s History Month, after all!) Here are our top picks:

4. Explore Different Boating Activities

By now, you know that there are many ways to enjoy boating. And part of the fun of being a woman in boating is exploring all that the boating lifestyle has to offer. If you need some inspiration, here are some of our favorite boating activities for women: 

Rent a Boat with Friends

Renting a boat with friends is a terrific way to spend the weekend. Not only will you enjoy a day on the water, but your friends will be there with you! And if you’re lucky, you might even convince some fellow women boaters to join your nautical crew.  

Host a Boat Brunch

Want to upgrade your next weekend brunch? Gather your closest friends and family and enjoy sandwiches and charcuterie on the water. If table service is more your vibe, stop by a dine-and-dock restaurant instead.

Try Boat Yoga

If you’re riding atop a pontoon or deck boat, why not flow with the gentle rocking of the waves? The views, the water, and the poses make for maximum relaxation – trust us on this one!

Practice a Watersport 

Watersports are fun for the whole family, and there are plenty out there to try. Bring a wakeboard, water skis, or stand-up paddleboard along if you want to elevate your day on the water. 

Women Kayaking

5. Continue Your Boating Education

Don’t worry; that nautical knowledge doesn’t end with a boater’s safety course certificate! Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, various seminars, courses, and classes are available to sharpen your boating skills. 

Not only will these help keep yourself and your crew safe while out on the water, but continuing your boating education protects your investment and ensures you stay on the right side of the law. 

Need help determining which classes and seminars to sign up for as a new boater? Here are some women-focused boating workshops: 

6. Purchase a Vessel of Your Own

Here at Discover Boating, we pride ourselves on helping women boaters purchase their own vessels. Our easy-to-use guides and tools are designed to make boating dreams a reality, whether you’re a first-time boater or grew up on the water.

So, if you’re interested in buying a boat, here are some resources to help you along the way: 

Resources for Women in Boating

If you’re a woman navigating the male-dominated boating world, the Discover Boating team is here for you. Our Women in Boating: Ladies Take the Helm post documents the ultra-cool things women are doing to make the boating industry even better. And as always, keep checking our articles and inspirations page for more boating blog posts!