Women in Boating: 6 Women Making Waves in the Boating Industry

In honor of Women's History Month, we want to highlight some remarkable women boaters making their mark in the marine industry. From owning successful businesses to running educational programs, countless females are shaping the boating world. 

The Ultimate Resource List for Women in Boating

Entering the recreational boating world can feel daunting to anyone – regardless of gender. That’s why we’re providing a comprehensive list of boating resources for women in today’s blog post. 

Women at the Helm: Tips from Captain Jana

Get Tips from our Brand Ambassadors Captain Jana and First Mate Cindy - they work with boaters seeking a little extra training and a lot more confidence on the water.

Women in Boating: Ladies Take the Helm

These days women are increasingly researching boats online and are keen to take the wheel themselves. They’re also a driving force on the industry side. Read on to learn more about these five strong, women boaters who are among those making waves, and worth your attention.