The Fun of Watersports: Types of Watersports

Having fun on the water is more than just going for boat rides or doing a little bit of fishing—real fun means watersports—and water toys
In Retrospect
In days gone by, when we talked about watersports, we were really talking about water skiing. Zipping about on skis established a reference point for watery adventure. Truly hardy souls could push the envelope by ski-jumping a ramp—or by not using skis at all—barefootin’ seemed to be the very edge of watersports world.
My, how things have changed. Sure, you can still go water skiing, but for more thrills, you might want to check out the nearly unlimited selection of water toys that are available. Many of these towable toys don’t require much athletic ability—just hang on tight—while others will test your physical fitness to the max.
Tubes & Inflatable Toys
The concept of tying a rope to an inflated truck inner tube and dragging it around behind your boat has evolved into a highly specialized form of recreation. Tubes and related toys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors—and range from the mild kiddy ride to the adrenalin rush of a waterborne roller coaster.
And if you don’t like riding alone, some of these toys can seat up to five people (more or less, depending on the size of the people).
There’s nothing quite like the sensation of flight—especially if you’re on a wakeboard flying behind a boat. Or a wake skate…or a kneeboard. The acrobatic potential is amazing, limited only by one’s imagination (or sense of self-preservation). Definitely not for the meek and faint of heart, one-board watersports have emerged as showcases for those with a flair for demonstrative fun.
Easy Does It
For those who prefer a low-key approach to a day on the lake, we suggest taking a close look at the various floats, recliners, and water lounges on the market. Lazing about has undergone its own evolution to the point that one doesn’t even need to go back to the boat to retrieve refreshments—simply reach over to your floating cooler for another beverage—and wonder how the other half lives.
No activity is complete without an entire selection of accessories, and watersports is no exception. Inflatable toys need to be inflated, so a miniature air compressor is a must. To tow the toys, you’ll require a stout tow rope of sufficient length. And to attach the rope to the boat to tow the toys, you’ll need a ski pylon, tow ring—or for hardcore extreme watersports enthusiast, a wake board tower—including high-output speakers, and a tower-mounted video camera to capture those mega-moments for posterity. In addition, your boat should be outfitted with a means to transport fully inflated toys to and from your favorite cove.
Be Safe
Don’t forget the safety gear. Personal flotation devices (PFD) are absolutely necessary—not an option. Watersports-specific PFDs have been developed to address the needs of skiers, boarders, tubers—so invest in the best PFD you can find—and wear it. We want you to be around for a long time.