5 Ways to Celebrate National Fishing & Boating Week

national fishing and boating week 2021

National Fishing and Boating Week (NFBW) is held every year during the first week of June. This year, the dates are June 5-13, 2021—a great time to be on the water in just about every part of the country. It doesn’t matter what kind of fish you like to chase or what kind of boat you like to skipper—when it’s National Fishing and Boating Week, the celebration includes everyone.

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Here are five ways you can join in the fun and have a great time during this year's 2021 National Boating and Fishing Week.


1. Grab a Rod & Reel

Half the fun of National Boating and Fishing Week is, well, fishing! If you don’t own a rod and reel, then you can rent one at many marinas and fishing-tackle shops.

Toss the rod and reel into the boat along with some high-quality bait, and set yourself up for a morning or afternoon of trying to land the big one.

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2. Invite a Friend On Board—Or Rent a Boat

National Boating and Fishing Week is an ideal time to share your love of the water with others. Do you have a friend who seems interested in boating, but doesn’t have a boat of her own? Invite her on board for a day of cruising in the warm sunshine, to show her all the relaxation that boating offers.

Or, if your crew of friends wants to celebrate, but none of you have a boat of your own, then look into local boat rentals or peer-to-peer boat sharing options in your area. Find ways to get on the water by exploring our Go Boating Today tool.

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3. Plan a Raft Up

Boaters hanging out with fellow boaters is one of the best ways to have fun on the water. Coordinate a time and date with some friends for a raft-up, where you anchor out together and tie off the boats into a long “raft” for a party on the water.

If one boat has a top-shelf sound system, another has a killer barbecue grill (see Grilling on a Boat: 3 Quick Tips for Cookouts Onboard), and another is stocked with water toys galore, then you and your friends have all the makings of a phenomenal party.

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4. Treat Yourself with New Gear—Or Even a New Boat

Do you have a wandering eye for other boats? Have you been coveting your buddy’s favorite rod or reel?

There’s no better time than National Boating and Fishing Week to upgrade with something new for yourself. It can be small or big—maybe even a whole new boat (be sure to browse our Boat Finder tool)—depending on your budget. But hey, if you’re going to celebrate the pastime, then there might as well be presents.

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5. Share Your Love for Boating & Fishing on Social Media

If you’re out and about having fun during National Boating and Fishing Week, then share the news with friends and family on social media.

Use the hashtags #GetOnBoard and #TheWaterIsOpen to let everyone know that you’re at the helm and having a blast—and of course, don't forget to tag @DiscoverBoating for a chance to be featured in our story.

And who knows, you may just encourage a new boater or two to join us all out there on the waterways.

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