5 Ways to Beat the Labor Day 'End of Summer' Blues

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Whoever decided that Labor Day weekend should mark the unofficial end of summer—and an end to boating season for some areas of the country—clearly didn’t count on September being perfect in so many ways. Sure, the kids are back in school, and traditional family vacations are on hold until the holiday season; but, you can still take advantage of brilliant boating weekends through September (and who knows, weather-willing, even into October).

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So never fear, all you seasonal boaters out there, there's still a lot of boating left to be done! Beat the Labor Day boating blues with these five fun facts.

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1. Waterways are Less Crowded

Because so many people associating cruising with summer, you may just have the launch ramp, bays, coves, and sandbars (if you need a refresher, be sure to read How to Beach a Boat: 10 Tips for Anchoring on a Sandbar) all to yourself.

Furthermore, you’ll have an easier time anchoring out, tying up at popular waterfront restaurants, and more.

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2. The Weather is [Sometimes] More Cooperative

What better way to beat the Labor Day boating blues than a still-warm but less-humid afternoon? Temperatures are milder around the country come September. Those of you in the southern United States especially get a break from the beastly hot days. Additionally, countrywide, thunderstorms are less common after summer ends.

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3. Fishing Fun is Year-Round

Just as birds head south for the winter, fish migrate, too. Specifically, baitfish are on the move—and, naturally, the bigger fish that feed on them follow. So, if you’re itching to go fishing, look up what’s biting in your area and cast a line.

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4. The Scenery is Spectacular

Especially if you’re in northern regions of the country, the trees may start to turn within weeks after Labor Day. While everyone else is jamming the highways to go leaf peeping, you’ll have some of the most unobstructed and least crowded viewing spots practically to yourself. Even better, flat-calm water can mirror the brilliant foliage, making for one-of-a-kind pictures.

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5. You Can Bring Learning Onboard

Boating makes homework fun—without your kids realizing they’re doing it. Preschoolers needing to practice counting can help make sure you have enough PFDs for everyone. Ask the multiplication whiz in your family to calculate the distance to your favorite destination. Whoever is studying American history, meanwhile, can read up on the past of your favorite cruising region and educate the rest of you. Learning is a two-way street, after all.

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