Fishing with Kids: Tips from Bass Pro Kevin Van Dam

5 Tips for Fishing with Kids

Kevin Van Dam became bass fishing’s first $2 million man in 2006. But the moments he enjoys the most are those spent with his 10-year-old twin boys, Jackson and Nicholas. That’s what he was doing when we caught up with him on a rare tournament-free Saturday morning in Lawton, Michigan. Within two minutes of our arrival, Jackson had a fish on. For Kevin, it was no less exciting than catching another lunker during the Bassmaster Classic. Here are his five top tips for keeping kids tuned into fishing.
1. Start with equipment that fits the child’s size -
A fishing rod should be no bigger than six inches longer than a child’s height. Push-button reels are entry-level models and perfect for kids.
2. Go to a small pond instead of using a boat -
That way the kids can run around if they get bored.
3. Coach as much as possible, but physically help them as little as possible -
They need to do it on their own because the excitement is in the struggle. Fighting a fish of any size turns into a huge event for kids.
4. Even if it’s hot, pack a pair of pants and a sweatshirt or long-sleeve shirt -
It’s cooler by the water, and if the bugs start biting, kids can put on the pants.
5. Start kids with live bait instead of lures -
Worms are perfect. They catch fish well and are fun to play with. After they get the hang of it and are ready for lures, use lures with exposed hooks like crank baits and spinner baits. They’re easier to use, and they catch numbers.

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