The Top 7 Boating Podcasts: Listen Before Your Next Voyage

Set sail on a journey of knowledge and entertainment with the seven best boating podcasts that every boater should check out. 

From stories of epic voyages to interviews with boating experts, these podcasts offer information to boaters of all experience levels. 

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a new boater, these podcasts will become a favorite companion on your next boating adventure.

7 Boating Podcasts to Check Out

1. The Boat Galley

If you're a boater looking for helpful advice on your cruising journey, look no further than The Boat Galley! Hosted by experienced cruisers Nica Waters and Carolyn Shearlock, this podcast offers practical guidance in each episode. Plus, it only lasts 5 to 10 minutes - perfect for busy seafarers. 

People who listen to The Boat Galley become well-equipped with actionable tips and tricks to embark on their own adventures.

2. Covert Castaway

Covert Castaway is here to take you on a remarkable journey with a couple who have become live-aboard sailing cruisers. Listen in as they divulge their stories, offering invaluable knowledge about transitioning into this captivating boating lifestyle.

Covert Castaway is the perfect place to turn for those curious about life on a sailboat. Listeners can listen in as hosts share their knowledge and stories, from coastal navigation to redundancy payments - all in real time!

Listen in on unfiltered conversations, offering an authentic glimpse into the highs and lows of transitioning to life aboard a boat. 

3. World of Boating

Join the excitement of World Of Boating every Saturday from 2-3 PM EST! 

Hosted by a passionate group of boaters, this nationally syndicated radio show is dedicated to all aspects of boating. With broadcasts available across US radio stations and on the web worldwide, no boater is left out!

The WOB team dives deep into the latest news in the boating world, making their show a genuinely entertaining experience. Listeners are encouraged to participate by calling, emailing, or clicking the "Get on The Air" tab from World of Boating website

4. Anchors Aweigh

For any and all boaters, Anchors Aweigh is the essential podcast for you! Every episode features a knowledgeable marine industry leader or an experienced boater. In the episodes, they discuss topics ranging from basic boating tips to advice on boat maintenance.

Anchors Aweigh is a must-listen for all boaters, offering intriguing guidance on the sector's most recent trends and gear. Boating aficionados will be delighted by tales of adventure from the water featured in each episode. This podcast equips listeners with priceless boating knowledge and entertains them. 

5. From the Helm

Join Lisa Harrison, an experienced boater, as she dives into the world of boats every Thursday at 11:00 AM EST!

Get informed and inspired by stories from leading boat industry professionals. Plus, stay up-to-date on trending industry news so you can make better decisions for your next voyage.

Tune in to From the Helm Boating Broadcast for in-depth conversations about all things boating! Their guests are an eclectic mix of industry experts, celebrities, and leaders in the field - anyone passionate about this beloved pastime. 


6. BOAT Briefing

If you want to discover more about the superyacht world, look no further than BOAT Briefing. Produced by the leading authority on luxury yachts - BOAT International - each episode is filled with analysis of this fascinating industry.

BOAT Briefing is not just another news show; it's an exclusive opportunity to learn from the most prominent individuals in superyachts. Listeners will be brought up close with designers, builders, and owners as they provide insights on current happenings within the industry. 

7. The Boating Hour

Are you into boating in Southern California? Then The Boating Hour has got your back! Every episode is hosted by the celebrated Captain Rick, bringing you up-to-date news and essential information about boating.

Whether you're an experienced boater or looking to embark on your first journey, there's something for everyone. Expect rowing reports, fishing updates, harbor and port information, music from the high seas, and news from the coast guard & navy.

Final Thoughts: Check Out One of These Podcasts for Boaters!

No matter what type of boating you're interested in, there's a podcast to help make your voyage more enjoyable and informed. So grab your headphones and prepare for a day on the water - happy listening!