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Used Boat Savvy


Getting a great deal on a boat doesn't have to be complicated.

Ten Minute Walkaround


This 10 Minute Quality Walkaround is designed to help you learn enough about any boat - power or sail - to determine the basic quality of its construction.



After losing legislative steam in mid-2007, California's Mandatory Boater Education bill appears to be ready for a return engagement in 2008. The bill proposed last year would have required anyone operating a boat to carry a vessel operator card card certifying that they had passed a Department of Boating and Waterways approved test.

How to Find a Fishing Guide


Need help finding that perfect fishing spot or landing the big one? A fishing guide might be the perfect solution. Follow these tips to find a fishing guide that's right for you.

Test Drives - Find an Event in Your Area


Boating World has teamed up with the Discover Boating & Fishing Tour to bring you the newest concept in boat-buying.
First, the Discover Boating & Fishing Tour will visit the locations below. Then, a couple of weeks later, the Boating World Test Drive Tour will hit the same area. Anyone who has expressed an interest in boating during the first stop will then get a chance to test drive multiple brands, receive hands-on instruction and develop a closer relationship with boating.
Check out these dates in your area!

Save Some Money This Summer!


Fuel prices are dropping, thank goodness… And on top of that, here are some Discover Boating tips to get the most out of your boat’s fuel efficiency, and save you even more money at the gas docks.

Make sure the hull is clean. If a boat has been sitting in the water for a long time, cleaning the hull is important for reducing fuel consumption. A clean hull will not only move through the water easier, but also will handle better and give maximum performance while lowering fuel consumption.