Beat the Winter Blues: 6 Ways to Get Ready for Boating Season

winter boating blues
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Counting down the days until boating season is here? Us too! Avoid getting bummed out while stuck on land with these tips—they're sure to help you beat the winter boating blues.

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1. Research New Cruising Destinations 

Remember the fun you had discovering quiet coves, great restaurants, and shops near the docks last summer? Pull out your maps now to find new places to enjoy as soon as the weather warms up.

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2. Learn New Knots

Whatever knots you've mastered, trust us, dozens more exist. Get your kids in on the education, too. In fact, task them with researching knots you can learn together. Make it a fun learning experience, including why each knot is useful in certain situations.

3. Research New Watersports Skills

Have you ever wanted to try wakesurfing or wakeboarding? We offer plenty of how-to videos and articles on the Discover Boating blog!

Learn as much as you can while you look up local schools and organizations like the YMCA that provide formal instructions come springtime.

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4. Create Something New for Your Boat

Are you looking for an activity that the whole family can do together? Create cushions for settees or berths, allowing your kids to pick their favorite colors. Spruce up your boat's cabin, storage containers, and other areas. The Internet is full of crafty DIY videos and step-by-step articles.

5. Attend a Winter Boat Show

There's nothing like entering a convention center and checking out the newest cruisers, gear, and more to beat the winter boating blues. Check our boat show calendar for a list of shows near you.

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6. Plan a Winter Boating Getaway

Charter a boat in Florida, the Bahamas, or the Virgin Islands for a few days or even a week. Often, charter companies also provide captains for charter guests, allowing you to relax with your family.

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7. Plan for Spring Commissioning

As boating season approaches, start preparing to get your boat ready to take out on the water. De-winterizing requires numerous steps, including checking your engines, plumbing, and electrical systems. You'll also want to give your boat a thorough cleaning.

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