3 Ways Boating Soothes the Soul & Helps You Find Solitude

boating relaxation and solitude

According to the U.S. Travel Association, some of the main reasons people take vacations include relaxing and reducing stress, seeing more of the world, and strengthening bonds with family and friends. What better way to do all of those things, and more, than aboard a boat in a location whose primary characteristic is solitude? Science has even proved that being on, in or near water can improve creativity, boost emotional health, and promote relaxation, as well as calm your mind and appeal to your senses.

3 ways boating soothes the soul

Lots of America’s cruising coastlines are filled with the kinds of nooks and crannies that boaters have sought out for generations—specifically to get away from the frenetic pace of civilization back on the mainland. Finding solitude on a boat is one of the best parts of boating. It’s you, your boat and a big, fat moment of zen.

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Why is a Boat is a Great Place to Find Solitude?

1. Water is Everywhere

In Maine, the coastline is dotted with islands big and small where everything from kayaks to sailboats can pull in and have the views all to themselves. The Chesapeake Bay in the mid-Atlantic has more offshoots, rivers and creeks than any boater or fisherman could explore in an entire lifetime. The San Juan Islands off Washington State are a mix of quiet harbors and mountain views unlike anywhere else in the United States.

2. Experience Your Own Moment of Zen

All of these places and more, from California to Florida and beyond, offer boaters something that other types of vacationers simply can’t get: a way to find true solitude. One of the best things about vacationing by boat is the ability to cruise from one harbor to the next until you find the spot that suits you and your boat just right. Often, it’s the spot where no other boats are anchored, and where you can drop the hook and become one with the nature all around.

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boating helps encourage solitude

3. Reconnect with Nature

Depending on where you choose to do your boating, that nature can include dolphins, seabirds, sea turtles, rays, hawks, bears and more. The scenery can range from mountainous peaks to flat white sand, from evergreens to palm trees, and from naturescapes to cityscapes. The smell of the water—fresh or salt—is as pure as anything on earth. And the views can go on for miles, right out to the horizon in the distance where the sunset meets the water’s edge in our minds.

There’s a reason that you'll often run into so many boats with names like Serenity and Freedom. Getting away from it all is one of the great pleasures of boating. Solitude is a key benefit of the activity, no matter where a boater calls home.

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