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Ready to get underway? Boating is more accessible than you may think. There are many easy ways to get on the water close to home—rentals, boat clubs and peer-to-peer sharing options.

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Shopping for boats is an exciting process! Select your preferences across four categories and discover the perfect boat for you.

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Calculate Your Boat Loan

Boating is more affordable than you might think! Use our Boat Loan Calculator to determine your loan size based on your monthly budget or calculate your monthly payment based on the cost.

Meet With Boat Dealers

Boat dealerships make it easy to find a boat that’s right for you! At a dealership you can browse boats, compare models and features, ask questions, and even schedule a test ride.

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Already a Boat Owner?

Even expert boaters need to brush up on their basics or have questions about how to maintain and operate their boat. Visit our boat ownership guide to dive into topics like maintenance, safety, insurance, storage, and more.

Visit a Boat Show

Boat shows provide boating enthusiasts with the opportunity to browse the latest in boats, boating accessories, on-the-water adventures, and so much more.

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Inspirational stories, how-to articles, and expert tips for new & experienced boaters

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Inspirational stories, how-to articles, and expert tips for new & experienced boaters

Discover Boating TV

In our first Discover Boating Safety Basics video, you’ll learn the essential rules that every boat passenger should follow, including the importance of wearing a life jacket, avoiding seasickness, listening to your boat captain, and more.


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