Life is Better on a Boat: Get On Board

If you ask us, these days there’s no better way to get away from it all and hang out with your crew than on a boat. Seriously, when it comes to fun, safe ways to enjoy the outdoors, boating checks all the boxes. Family-friendly ✓ Exciting ✓ Relaxing ✓ Ready when you are ✓ Whatever your jam— from fishing, sailing and cruising to ruling the waves wakesurfing or aboard a personal watercraft, being on the water is like a vacation on-demand.

Ready to get your feet wet and have some boating adventures? We’re here to help you find easy ways to get on the water near home, and we have tools and resources, expert tips, destination ideas and more for all skill levels!

How to Start Boating

life on the water destress

Stress Busting 101: Start Making Waves

The past year was nothing if not stressful, and many people turned to the great outdoors to seek solace and cure cabin fever. It’s no surprise that boating and fishing were among the most popular activities.

Studies show being on the water promotes wellness by improving emotional health, relaxation and creativity. Boating triggers a restful state of mind and offers an escape from our daily routines, allowing us to relax and our brains to reset.

The Science is Clear: Boating is Good for Your Health & Mind

go boating today

Go Boating Today

Ready to get underway? Boating is more accessible than you may think. There are lots of easy ways to get on the water close to home—rentals, boat clubs and peer-to-peer sharing options.

Find Your Dream Boat

Want to own your own boat? Find a boat that matches your budget and lifestyle with our Boat Finder tool, and use our Boat Loan Calculator to get the lowdown on costs.

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Looking for Inspo? Here You Go!

How to Fish: 10 Fishing Tips for Beginners

New to fishing? Whether on a boat or from shore, if you’re new to angling, these top 10 fishing tips for beginners will help you get a bend in your rods in both saltwater and freshwater.

Wakesurfing: Advice on How to Get Started

One of the greatest things about wakesurfing is that the wave is yours—all yours. You own the wave for as long as you care to ride it, and as long as you #wakeresponsibly. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Get Your Family Excited About Boating

From watersports, sailing, fishing and boat camping, to towable toys and swimming in your favorite local cove, the boat is just the beginning—boating is a lifelong, family tradition.

how to recreate responsibly

10 Tips to #RecreateResponsibly

From following basic safety rules and being an eco-friendly boater, to understanding best practices for boating etiquette and social distancing, here's 10 ways you can recreate responsibly.

Latest Wave of Boating News & Resources

Inspirational stories, how-to articles, and expert tips for new & experienced boaters

Boat fenders, often referred to as "boat bumpers" by new or novice boaters, provide a cushion between your boat and a dock, jetty or another boat. Let's take a look at the steps for tying a boat fender in the proper location, and discuss the best fenders to use for your boat type.

Do you know how to Clean, Drain, Dry your boat? To stop the spread of aquatic hitchhikers (or aquatic invasive species, or AIS), be sure to clean, drain, and air-dry your entire boat before launching in another waterway.

Tailgating on a boat, also called "boatgating" or "sailgating," is just like planning a tailgate on land, but better! When it comes to boatgating for the big game, remember to always have a 'safety first' mindset. Read on for more tips on grilling, planning, and prep.