How to Clean Your Boat Life Jackets in 5 Steps

Every boater knows that life jackets are essential boating gear. However, many boaters are hesitant to wash them because they fear compromising their quality. If this sounds familiar, don't fret. In this post, we'll explain how to clean boat life jackets (the right way).

How Safe is That Doggie in the Water?

Life jackets are essential pieces of equipment for the boater, even required by law. But Is it a help or a hindrance in a "dog overboard"

Mistakes on the Water

Learn to keep some trouble, (not all) away.

Washington now requires Boater Education

As of January 2008, Washington is phasing-in a law requiring all operators of motorboats with 15 horsepower or greaterto take a boater safety education course and carry a Boater Education Card when operating a boat.

You can take a boater’s education course in a classroom, online or at home. Once the course is completed and test passed, you will need to apply for a Boater Education Card.


After losing legislative steam in mid-2007, California's Mandatory Boater Education bill appears to be ready for a return engagement in 2008. The bill proposed last year would have required anyone operating a boat to carry a vessel operator card card certifying that they had passed a Department of Boating and Waterways approved test.

Preparing for Spring Boating Season

Making a "Next Boating Season" list will not only help you get ready sooner when spring finally does arrive, it will also get you thinking about other ways you can enjoy your boat while spending quality time with your family and friends.

Think Boating Safety

Are you in need of more boating education? Do you have piloting experience in the class of boat that you are purchasing?

Dos and Don'ts of Boating Safety

Remember: Boat Smart from the Start.