Test Drives - Find an Event in Your Area

Boating World has teamed up with the Discover Boating & Fishing Tour to bring you the newest concept in boat-buying.

First, the Discover Boating & Fishing Tour will visit the locations below. Then, a couple of weeks later, the Boating World Test Drive Tour will hit the same area. Anyone who has expressed an interest in boating during the first stop will then get a chance to test drive multiple brands, receive hands-on instruction and develop a closer relationship with boating.

Check out these dates in your area!

Discover Boating & Fishing Tour

Jun 23-27, 2004
Jul 31 - Aug 1, 2004
Aug 5-8, 2004
Aug 10-15, 2004
Sep 2-6, 2004
Sep 24 - Oct 5, 2004
Oct 7-10, 2004
Nov 12-14, 2004

Swedish Days
Ozark Empire Fair
Ohio State Fair
Wisconsin State Fair
Minnesota State Fair
Texas State Fair
National Shrimp Fest
Boating World Test Drive Tour

Aug 7-8, 2004
Aug 21-22, 2004
Aug 28-29, 2004
Sept 11-12, 2004
Sept 18-19, 2004
Oct 16-17, 2004
Oct 23-24, 2004
Dec 4-5, 2004
Metro-area Market

Chicago, IL
Springfield, MO
Columbus, OH
Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Dallas, TX
Gulf Shores, AL
St. Petersburg, FL