Michigan Boating - Great Lakes Shoreline

Whether you trailer your boat to new inland lake destinations or have a boat large enough to cruise from port to port along the Great Lakes coast, the abundance of water in and around Michigan will keep you occupied and delighted summer after summer.    
Michigan has 11,037 inland lakes and 36,350 miles of rivers and streams. Michigan also has more than 3,308 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. From the water, boaters can see the beauty of Michigan from a vantage point not accessible to land-lubbing sightseers. 
Michigan’s coastline is sublime in its beauty; whether you travel north, east or west. For nautical cruisers, it is also a playground of beaches, inlets, quaint towns and picturesque parks waiting to be explored. 
There are many planning tools available to help set your course for discovery by water this summer, including the Michigan Boating Annual Directory and Michigan Travel Ideas. The Michigan Boating Annual Directory offers boat trip destination ideas and a comprehensive product, services and marina guide for the entire state of Michigan. Get this guide by visiting www.mbia.orgMichigan Travel Ideas is produced by Pure Michigan. It is Michigan’s official state travel guide and can be ordered at www.michigan.org. Both are free to the public. 
Whether it’s canoeing rivers winding through pristine woodlands, or cruising the coastline at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, you’ll experience the beauty of Michigan in a way that’s unique to those who get out on the water. 


Content courtesy of Michigan Boating Industries Association.

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