Save Some Money This Summer!

Fuel prices are dropping, thank goodness… And on top of that, here are some Discover Boating tips to get the most out of your boat’s fuel efficiency, and save you even more money at the gas docks.

Make sure the hull is clean. If a boat has been sitting in the water for a long time, cleaning the hull is important for reducing fuel consumption. A clean hull will not only move through the water easier, but also will handle better and give maximum performance while lowering fuel consumption.

Don’t under-power your boat. It’s important you have enough motor to handle the load. Under-powered boats struggle to get up on plane and need more throttle to move the boat, gear and people across the water. The result is poor fuel economy.

Check your propeller. If your boat is slow "out of the hole" or lacks top-end speed, you might have the wrong propeller. Prop diameter and pitch make a big difference in fuel economy and speed. Your dealer can help you find the right prop.

A well-tuned engine uses less fuel. After a seasonal check-up, maintain your engine at regular intervals throughout the year. Proper maintenance extends engine life and saves fuel.

Use the grade of gasoline specified by the engine manufacturer. A high-performance outboard is similar to sports car - to run properly, it needs the right fuel. Buy your fuel from reliable sources. Lower-quality fuel may foul the plugs, cause the engine to stall or decrease performance, all of which burn more fuel.

Most outboards can handle regular or unleaded gasoline, but watch for signs of fouled plugs, such as poor starting or rough running. Use whatever the owner’s manual recommends.

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