12 Reasons to Visit the Discover Boating Norwalk Boat Show

The Discover Boating ® Norwalk Boat Show® (in partnership with Progressive® Insurance) is back. (And trust us – you will want to be there.) 

Join us at the Norwalk Cove Marina from September 21-24, 2023! The Discover Boating Norwalk Boat Show has everything you need for a day on the water. From an impressive display of boats to numerous nautical attractions, there’s something suitable for every boating enthusiast. 
So, whether you’re a first-time boater or a seasoned pro, keep scrolling to discover what’s in store. 

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12 Attractions to Check Out at the Discover Boating Norwalk Boat Show

Trust us when we say that the Discover Boating Norwalk Boat Show has something for everyone.

From little skippers to boating aficionados, here are some of the show’s top attractions: 

1. Browse (And Buy!) Top Boat Brands and Models

On the market for a new boat? Boat shows are one of the best places to purchase a vessel of your own. With so many brands and models to explore, it’s easy to compare your options and determine the perfect boat for your needs. 

Visit the Boat Finder

However, to make it easier on yourself, check out our Boat Buyer’s Guide before heading to the show. This digital resource answers all your questions about boat loans, financing, assessing a boat’s safety features, and more. 

Additionally, we recommend reviewing the show’s Boat Brand Guide to discover what brands are attending the show (as well as where they’re setting up).

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2. Embark on a Lighthouse Boat Tour

Any history lovers out there? Take a boat ride to the historic Sheffield Island Lighthouse (courtesy of Norwalk Seaport Association). In this hour-long excursion, you’ll learn about its fascinating role in Long Island Sound maritime history. 

3. Enjoy Free Power Boat Rides

Are you craving an on-the-water adventure? The Rex Boating Club and the Carefree Boat Club of Southern Connecticut are sponsoring free power boat rides on the Long Island Sound. Get ready to kick back and relax in style! 

4. Try Your Hand at Paddle Sports

Looking for a thrilling way to spend your time on the water?

Paddle sports (like standup paddle boarding) are one of the best ways to do just that. And if you aren’t sure how? Three Belles Outfitters will provide all the necessary information and equipment to give it a whirl. 

5. Participate in On-Water Boating Classes

Allow captains licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard to help you bring your water navigation dreams to life. Lessons will cover various boating topics – including how to dock, tie knots, navigate, and even predict the weather

As you probably already know, the best way to learn is by doing, and the Discover Boating Norwalk Boat Show is the perfect place to try it!

6. Get Expert Advice at Fred’s Shed How-To Center – Presented by Progressive®

Do you need advice about boating maintenance? Stop by Fred’s Shed How-to Center for free, one-on-one consultations. Whether you’re a seasoned captain or a first-time seaman, the nautical experts are here to answer all your boating and mechanical questions. 

7. Experience America’s Boating Club® Boating Simulator

Want to improve your basic boating skills (like docking, pivot turns, and stopping)? Stop by America’s Boating Club® Boating Simulator for “hands-on” instruction. You’ll be able to use a real-life Mercury throttle and steering wheel – the best way to learn boating techniques.

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8. Explore Amazing Antique & Classic Boats 

Are you a fan of classic and antique boats? Get ready to explore a collection that dates back 75+ years. And spoiler alert: a Hutchinson Boatworks 26’ Utility — that’s meticulously preserved — will be one of the impressive boats on display. Also, North County Boat Works experts will discuss restoration projects and share valuable insights. 

9. Get Up Close & Personal with Marine Life

Swing by the Touch Tank to discover the fascinating roles various Tidepool inhabitants play in our ecosystem. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with a diverse range of creatures native to Long Island Sound (all thanks to The Brien McMahon’s Marine Science Academy). 

10. The Ultimate Adventure – Kids’ Boating

Have little skippers in tow? Rest assured that the Discover Boating Norwalk Boat Show has plenty of fun for the whole family. And our personal favorite? Children as young as three can try paddle boating on an adorable miniature lake made just for them. 

11. Chill at the Water Club Lounge

Relax with a beverage and take in the seaside views at the Water Club Lounge! Enjoy island-inspired Montauk Distilling Co. cocktails and mocktails or kick back at The Sand Bar for a wine flight, sponsored by Barone Fini wines. 

Didn’t get a chance to book an Italian getaway this summer? Take yourself and your tastebuds on an Italian getaway with the Flight of Fini virtual reality experience, hosted by Barone Fini Wines.

12. Visit Conservation Village

Help keep our waters clean by visiting the Conservation Village! The Clean Earth Project interactive exhibit will also feature Norwalk Says No to Plastic Contest for local elementary and middle schools.

How to Buy Tickets and Get to the Discover Boating Norwalk Boat Show

Getting to the Discover Boating Norwalk Boat Show is easy! In addition to free parking, a free water taxi service is available from 9:30am to 7:30pm, Thursday through Saturday, and 9:30am to 5:30pm on Sunday. Learn more about getting to the show.

Have we convinced you to attend the Discover Boating Norwalk Boat Show? Fantastic! Now, all that’s left to do is buy your tickets. 

Buy Tickets Here

General admission (aka those aged 13+) is $20 at the door and $18 online. However, children (aged 12 and younger) are FREE when accompanied by a paying adult. 

Purchase your tickets to secure your spot today, and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest show updates.

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