Fishing Boat Accessories: Rod Holders

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Fishing can be as simple as standing on the edge of a pond and tossing out a line with a baited hook. But, using the right kind of fishing boat equipped with the right gear, can greatly help increase your catch.

Rod Holders, the Indispensable Accessory

Rod holders are exactly what their name says: devices or fixtures used to hold a fishing rod when the angler isn’t. The holders’ locations and configuration determines how useful they are for different types of fishing. Size and design of the boat also determines the kinds of rod holders and the mounting options.
A rod holder can be as simple as a hole in the gunwale or as complex as a pedestal-mounted four-rod “rocket launcher.” Fixed-angle mounts slide into existing holes in the gunwale while clamp-ons are the most versatile, attaching to horizontal rails or vertical stanchions, making them suitable for positioning throughout the boat. Swivel or pivot mounts enable the rod to rotate; adjustable rod holders that lock into any position offer value and convenience. Stainless steel or chrome serve for heavy duty fishing, but nylon, fiberglass, and ABS plastic are cost-effective alternatives for lighter duties and calmer waters. 
Removable rod holders offer a good option for small boats or boats that are only occasionally used for fishing. Some models tilt, rotate and lock in place and offer a range of mounting brackets, enabling you to customize your set-up. These adjustable holders are not as durable as fixed holders but they are more versatile and ideal for spinning and bait-casting.
If you’re new to fishing, or a seasoned angler looking for a new fishing boat, see our sections on freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing.


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