Family-Friendly Fun: What Boat Shows Offer for Kids

Are you gearing up for a family adventure? Check out a Discover Boating boat show near you! These events have something for everyone – from little kids to teenagers. Plus, it's a great way to excite your family about water activities while spending quality time together. 

Our boat show features offer something for everyone! Immerse yourselves in educational exhibits showcasing the wonders of boating and marine life, and discover interactive experiences that will leave a lasting impression on all ages. No matter your interests, these shows are ideal for bonding with family and learning something new.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of boat shows for families and explore the activities available.

Learning Experiences for All Ages

There is no need to stress about keeping your kids entertained! With plenty of boat show activities for kids, our boat shows cater to the needs and interests of families.

Some of our favorite educational boat show activities for kids include:

Build-A-Boat Toy Boat Building

Build-A-Boat allows kids to unleash their creativity and make unique toy boats. They will have a blast making incredible little masterpieces. The best part? Everything they create is a souvenir to take home!

You can find this and more at Discover Boating's New England Boat Show®, Chicago Boat Show®, and New York Boat Show®.

Conservation Village

At Conservation Village, kids can explore the eco-friendly boating world. They will discover how recreational boaters are actively working to preserve our planet. Plus, they will learn about the importance of waterways and preserving them for future generations.

You can find this feature and more at Discover Boating's New York Boat Show® and the New England Boat Show®.

STEM Activities

Certain shows like the Discover Boating® Chicago Boat Show® also feature STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities. Kids (and adults!) can learn about buoyancy, wind power sailboats, and how simple machines multiply power.

Boat Show Activities to Spark Excitement About Boating 

Getting the whole family hooked on boating might seem like a tall tale. But that couldn't be further from the truth! Boat shows are brimming with fun activities guaranteed to ignite a lifelong love for the water in children of all ages.

Interactive Fishing Exhibits

For the aspiring angler, some shows offer free catch-and-release fishing. It is a thrilling way for kids to experience the joy of fishing firsthand! Other exhibits feature live demonstrations and seminars – inviting them into your world and nurturing their love for the sport. 


You can find this event and more at Discover Boating's Louisville Boat, RV & Sportshow®, Chicago Boat Show®, and New England Boat Show®. 

Water Sports Activities (No Experience Necessary)

The paddle sports pool is another opportunity for family fun. These demo rides are a fantastic way to introduce kids to water sports and encourage their active lifestyle.

You can find this event and more at Discover Boating's New England Boat Show®, Chicago Boat Show®, New York Boat Show®, and Louisville Boat, RV & Sportshow®.

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Virtual Reality Activities

For a truly unique experience, explore virtual reality exhibits. Show your captain skills to your children by demonstrating docking, pivot turns, and stopping maneuvers. This educates them on fundamental boating skills and fosters appreciation for your captaincy!

You can find this event and more at Discover Boating's Minneapolis Boat Show® and Atlanta Boat Show®.

Chances to Bond As a Family (And Have Fun)

Family outings – like going to boat shows – are perfect for creating lasting memories! While strolling through the show, you can casually share your passion for boats and the water with your kids. This will help them understand and appreciate your love for boating. 

Additionally, there are entertaining boat show activities alongside informative ones:

Bumper Boats 

kids activities norwalk boat show 2021

You can find bumper boats at Discover Boating's Chicago Boat Show®. It's a fun experience for the whole family to have a good laugh together as you watch your little ones navigate the waterways.

Hang Out Kid's Zone

Discover Boating shows like the Atlanta Boat Show® and Louisville Boat, RV & Sportshow® even have a special Hang Out Kids Zone for kids to enjoy! After seeing all the boats, take them to the kid's zone for sea-inspired fun. They have things for everyone – no matter their age.

Explore Antique Boats 

Explore the past at Discover Boating's Minneapolis Boat Show® and Chicago Boat Show® by touring antique and classic vessels. This unique experience lets you and your family learn together, discovering fascinating facts, stories, and technical details about these remarkable ships.

Discover the Fun of Boat Shows for Families

Boat shows are more than just boat displays: they're gateways to family adventures and a love for the water that lasts a lifetime. And if you are considering bringing your kids to an upcoming boat show, we hope this blog post inspires you. 

Visit our website to discover upcoming boat shows near you! Discover Boating offers a variety of shows all over the country. Our handy boat show calendar tool will help you find a nearby event. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!