5 Eco-Friendly Boating Products Making a Difference

eco-friendly boats

We’re drawn to the water for plenty of reasons, including its pristine nature and restoring effects. The only way to keep it pristine, of course, is by being respectful in how we treat it. Keeping our waterways clean and clear of trash and debris means not only you can enjoy them, but future generations can, too (learn more by reading 5 Ways to Raise Conservation-Minded Kid Boaters).

Here are five companies and products striving to make a difference, so that you can as well.

1. Costa Sunglasses' Untangled Collection

Plastics are a big problem for the oceans, with discarded fishing nets playing a significant role. In fact, best estimates are that more than half a million tons of discarded fishing nets and gear pollute the oceans annually.

Costa Sunglasses is combatting this by making the frames for its Untangled Collection from recycled fishing nets. The collection features styles for both men and women, plus polarized lenses.

2. Super Air Nautique GS22E

When Nautique says this multi-sport boat is “quietly taking charge,” it’s a clever play on words. The 22-foot boat is an electric-powered version of its popular Super Air GS22 model. That means lower sounds and zero emissions for two to three hours of waterskiing, wakesurfing, or wakeboarding. Plug the boat in to the power back at your dock to ensure you’re ready to go all over again the next day.

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3. Star Brite Sea Safe Biodegradable Boat Wash

Just as you shouldn’t spill fuel in the water, don’t spill harsh cleansers. Star Brite, well-known in boating, makes this soap using a biodegradable formula, so it won’t harm either freshwater or salt-water environments. Additionally, it doesn’t use phosphates, plus it’s a low-sudsing concentrate, reducing the amount of water you need.

Find out more by reading How to Clean a Boat.

4. Sunbrella Renaissance

Many boat manufacturers use Sunbrella’s marine upholstery, since it holds up well to the harshness of the sun and salt air. Sunbrella’s Renaissance fabrics are comprised of up to 50 percent “waste” Sunbrella yarns.

On a related note, Sunbrella will accept any of its fabrics back for its Recycle My Sunbrella program, after you remove zippers, grommets, or other fittings.

5. Torqeedo Electric Outboards

A previous winner of the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Innovation Award, Torqeedo is the world’s leading electric marine motor manufacturer. This past April, it delivered its 100,000 electric motor, in fact.

If you own a pontoon boat or cruise on waterways requiring electric propulsion, consider Torqeedo’s popular Cruise 10 outboard. Output is 10 kW, or about 14 HP.

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