10 Most Affordable Walkaround Boats

Walkaround boats serve many purposes, which is why they can get pretty expensive. However, finding a walkaround boat for your family is possible that doesn’t break the bank. In this post, we’ll reveal ten affordable walkaround boats that you can consider.

Affordable Walkaround Boat Options

1. Grady-White Seafarer 228

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, family-friendly option to start your walkaround adventure, the Grady-White Seafarer 228 is for you. They’re listed all over the used boat market for about $30,000, which is an incredible bang for your buck. The cock pit is designed around sport fishing, although the interior boasts a king-sized well (offering the best of both).
Other amenities include:

  • Storage
  • A plumbed toilet
  • A food prep area
  • A sink 

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2. Sea Ray Sun Sport 230

Nothing says small, affordable, yet cozy like Sea Ray's Sun Sport 230. There are several models and floorplans (ranging from 19 feet to 40 feet), so you’re guaranteed to find something suitable for your family.

The below-deck cabin is spacious, comfy, and not too obvious from the exterior (which is a plus in our book). And the starting price? Just under $62,000, which is a steal considering its 50-gallon engine and world-renowned performance. 

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3. Pro-Line 20 Express 

Pro-Line has been making award-winning family fishing boats since 1968. And the 20’ Express is no exception!

Accommodating seven people, this cruiser is ideal for families looking to fish, cruise, lounge, or sleep onboard. And it’s just as much about flair as it is practicality. It’s equipped with everything from a diving board to a 27-gallon live well.

The best part? You can usually find them for just under $27,000. 

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Check Out Walkaround Boat Options

4. Sea Hunt Victory 225

Sea Hunt’s Victory series has everything you want in a good walkaround boat: roomy cabins, fish boxes, aerated live wells – the works. Ranging from 20 to 24 feet, this walkaround boat offers a wide range of possibilities (for both your adventures and wallet). While the cabin is spacious and well-equipped, there is a saddening lack of tackle and rod storage. It goes for just under $90,000. 

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5. Grady-White Adventure 208

This 20-foot walkaround boat boasts an assortment of must-haves. It is speedy, has numerous bonuses, and comes in at just under $70,000. Boasting a generous capacity for casting poles, two large fishing boxes, and a vee billet for expediting, this rig is every fisherman’s dream. However, the bow cushions ensure that non-fishing attendees are nice and comfy. 

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6. Campion Allante 635 OB SC

This fiberglass wraparound boat is comfy – we’re talking everything from the deck to the cabin. The Campion Allante 635 is great for families with little kids, as the cabin can easily sleep up to three people. Plus, it suits all the boating needs of fishing fanatics.

Just note that it’s not ideal for long journeys, as it only has a 60-gallon fuel tank. You can find them used for a ballpark of $40,000. 

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Walkaround Boats

7. Campion EX18 OB SC

Are you looking for something on the smaller side? The Campion EX18 OB SC is under 20 feet long, which makes it incredibly easy to transport. However, this affordable walkaround boat can still fit seven people, making it a terrific option for families and fishing groups.

If you’re part of the latter, you should be happy to hear it has ample tackle boxes, live bait storage, and rod holders. The possibilities this boat provides are endless, making it well worth the $81,000 price tag.  

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8. Dusky 227 Fish Around Cruiser 

Coming in just under 23 feet long, the Dusky 227 Fish Around Cruiser has way more bells and whistles than you might initially assume. While it is on the smaller side, it boasts a 230-horsepower engine that makes up for it. And while its 60-gallon fuel capacity isn’t huge, it’s perfect for a boat of this size.

Additionally, it offers all the amenities you would want in a cabin (comfy cushions, lights, doors, etc.). The best part? This is an incredibly affordable option, as it costs just $55,000.  

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9. Stingray 208CR Cuddy Cabin

Introducing: the smallest boat in Stingray’s Cuddy series with a cabin. The Stingray 208CR Cuddy Cabin is just under 21 feet long, which is modest for a boat offering numerous features (notably, the cabin has a window.) You can fit up to nine people on board (being mindful of the weight limit, of course), and the cabin has space for a king-sized bed. Bonus features include a toilet and a 25-qt igloo cooler, and the starting price is about $30,000.

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10. Rinker 270 Express Cruiser 

Desiring a relatively small boat that can sleep up to four people? It sounds like you’re looking for the Rinker 270 Express Cruiser. This rig is 29 feet long and boasts an uber-spacious cabin with over six feet of headroom. Not only that, but this walkaround boat has everything you need for a weekend trip (microwave, fridge, stove, plenty of storage, etc.) and costs about $28,000. 

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As you can see, there are many walkaround boats for sale that are affordable but still come with amenities. Whether you’re interested in saltwater fishing or day cruising, you’ll find a walkaround boat that meets your needs.

If you’d like to peruse other walkaround boat options, check out our Boat Finder!