7 Wakeboarding Pro Tips from Amber Torrealba

If you’ve ever wanted to try wakeboarding, you’re in the right place. We’ve partnered with World Champion Skim Boarder, filmmaker, and social media influencer, Amber Torrealba, to highlight the fun and adventure you can experience on the water.
Torrealba started out as a skateboarder and is now one of the top women in skimboarding today. Her favorite way to practice, stay in shape, and have a blast with friends? Wakeboarding
In this article, Amber shares why she loves the water sport and recommends it!

7 Reasons to Try Wakeboarding

1. It’s a fun workout on the water

You’ll use muscles you didn’t even know you had and have a great time doing it. Wakeboarding involves upper-body strength, balance, and stamina, all on the world’s greatest open gym; the water. This full-body workout is as challenging as it is thrilling.

2. It can help you train for other sports

Wakeboarding is excellent cross-training for all board sports. Whether you’re into wake surfing, skateboarding, or skimming, wakeboarding helps you elevate your overall balance, strength, and skills.

3. Boat wakes make it easier to perfect your wakeboarding skills

Boat wakes create a clean, consistent wave to practice and refine your skills. Instead of waiting for the perfect wave, you’ll have more time to master the basics while riding a practically endless wave. This helps build confidence on the water, as you’ll know what to expect.

4. You can experiment with new tricks

The consistency of the wake allows you to experiment with new skills. Creativity is endless once you understand the wave. So, feel free to shake it up, try a new trick, and have fun!

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5. Make new memories with your crew

There’s nothing more memorable than getting out on the water in a wake boat with your crew. By wakeboarding with a group, you can learn from each other while making memories!

6. It makes for a fun day

You can enjoy hanging out on the boat when your turn on the wakeboard is over. Watching your friends on the water from the comfort of the boat is a blast. Talk about an enjoyable recovery!

7. Try out different boards and waves

There are so many kinds of boards to choose from as a wakeboarder. Plus, you can manipulate the style of the wave with the boat to up the ante. 

One of the great things about wakeboarding, wake surfing, and boating is that you can make any day special as long as you #WakeResponsibly. Amber Torrealba knows first-hand how exciting wakeboarding can be and encourages you to do it safely. If we’ve hooked you, get on the water today and try it out.