Pass the Handle: How to Try Water Sports This Summer

Pass the Handle events are hosted at lakes, rivers, and coastal areas where towed watersports are common. Experienced participants instruct and support newcomers as they safely try watersports.

10 Paddleboard Safety Tips to Follow

Stand-up paddleboarding is an exciting experience for watersports enthusiasts of all ages. However, there are important paddleboard safety tips to keep in mind.

7 Wakeboarding Pro Tips from Amber Torrealba

In this article, Amber Torrealba shares why she loves the water sport and recommends it!

How to Standup Paddle Board

Becoming comfortable on a stand up paddleboard takes time and practice. I sure didn’t feel confident the first time I tried to stand up paddleboard. If you’re new to the sport, these beginner tips can help you get the hang of managing the board and paddle alike.

The Ultimate Watersports Safety Guide

Watersports safety covers a wide range of boating activities, including tubing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding and more. Follow these safety tips to ensure an enjoyable watersports experience.


Behind-the-Scenes of Boating Adventures | with DevinSuperTramp

Go behind the scenes with the DevinSuperTramp team as they explore caves, ancient ruins, slot canyons and more...nothing beats a day on the lake!

Editor's Note: All tricks/stunts seen in this video were performed by professionals. Do Not Attempt.