Wakeboarding Boat Buyer Guide


Is wakeboarding your first love? Read through our helpful boat buyer guide for information on which types of boats are best for wakeboarding. With direct

Wakeboarding Boat
links to manufacturers and more, we can help you find the perfect wakeboarding boat for your needs.
What makes a wakeboarding boat different from a waterskiing boat? 
  • One of the main differences is that a wakeboarding boat will be specially designed to create large wakes for riders as they cross back and forth behind the boat. Wakeboarding boats have inboard engines that are placed in the rear of the boat, near the transom. Known as “v-drive” engines, the engine placement allows them to create a larger wake.
  • Wakeboarding, as a water sport, is all about tricks and flips; a powerful wake is what makes that happen. The wake of the boat is actually used as a ramp, from which the rider can launch him or herself into the air.
  • But the engine isn’t the only feature that helps a wakeboarding boat create large waves. Most wakeboarding boats also feature water ballast tanks that help weigh the boat down. The ballast tanks can be automatically filled with water or emptied to help regulate weight. Most wakeboarding boats also feature a device called a wedge, which is a piece of metal that’s located behind the propeller and helps shape the wake. In general, the hulls of all wakeboarding boats are specially developed and designed to facilitate large and dramatic wakes.

While primarily designed for water sports aficionados, a wakeboarding boat can also be a great place to simply enjoy being out on the water. These boats often come with generous seating areas that make them ideal for on-water entertainment as well as spending time with family and friends.

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