Captain Gill: A Tale of Legend and 'Lure'

Discover Boating summoned the world’s only prognosticating fish, Captain Gill, to forecast what is arguably one of the most highly anticipated predictions of the calendar year—the length of the boating season.


Ancient Ruins, Caves, Slot Canyons and More | with DevinSuperTramp

Join the DevinSuperTramp team as they explore caves, ancient ruins, slot canyons and more...nothing beats a day on the lake!

Editor's Note: All tricks/stunts seen in this video were performed by professionals. Do Not Attempt.


First Lake Day | with the Knorpp & South Family

Join the Knorpp & South family as they hit the lake for the first time using their boat club membership! Watch as the kids enjoy a great time playing on the lily pad float and just hanging out on the water!