What's New in Boat Design

Hi! It’s Keith, the Boating Guy.
Today’s topic—what’s new in boat design and technology.
Overall, it’s a great time to be a boater—today’s boats and engines are better designed and better built to let you make the most of your time on the water!
Boats today are a lot faster than they used to be—thanks to advances in hull design. The material and processes used to build boats has also improved, resulting in vessels that are both lighter and stronger.
Another change is the focus on boating as a family-friendly activity— one example of this would be deck boats and other similar open-concept boat designs. Newer deckboats are built for fun, combining fast runabout hulls with spacious decks. Think of a deck boat as a cross between pontoon and a bowrider. And most are very kid friendly.
Some of the biggest changes during the last decade have come in engine technology. For starters, carbureted two-stroke outboards have been pretty much legislated into extinction, and four-stroke outboards have taken their place.
While the days of cantankerous carburetors are gone— the age of computers has just begun. Yes, marine engines have finally entered the age of computers, with nearly every engine company offering a line-up of solid, reliable, fuel-injected computerized engines.
Let’s talk about what really moves your boat—propellers! There’s never been such a fantastic selection of really good propellers as there is today. Better yet, we’re not talking about custom props. All the major propeller companies offer models that work well right out of the box!
To sum up—boating has changed a lot in the past decade or two—and it’s all for better. One thing hasn’t changed though—Life is better with a boat!
See you on the water.

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