GUEST POST: Ways to Celebrate July 4th on a Boat

ways to celebrate july 4th by boat

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If you have been following along our journey, you may have noticed how much we love South Lake Tahoe! My favorite family tradition, and one that I have been honored to be a part of since I started dating my husband over 11 years ago, is our yearly trips to Lake Tahoe during the week of July 4th! This is something we prepare for each year and truly look forward to.

During those early years, while we were there with family, it felt like it was just Curtis and I, and we enjoyed the lake as a couple of 20 somethings with no real cares in the world.

As parents, we view our yearly trip in a whole new light and make new memories each time. Last summer, we vowed to add boating onto our list of traditions after seeing the joy on our kids’ faces when we took them out on the crystal blue water.

Lake Tahoe has so many beautiful areas to explore, and getting out on the water is the only way to see some of it. We coasted through Emerald Bay and learned a lot of history about the Lake. Not to mention, the fishing is great and it is just so serene.

There are so many things to do out on the water. Here are just a few:

This year, my husband and I have decided to add in a little time for just the two of us in addition to the loads of family adventures. We already booked our fishing trip for the holiday week, and are really looking forward to spending some quality time together while catching all the fish!

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