Tips on Buying from a Certified Dealer

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So you’ve decided to buy a boat—and figured out what type of boat to buy
Now you need to decide WHO to buy it from.

  • My first bit of advice—look for a dealership that’s close to where you plan to go boating. That way service, or any other help you might need, will be nearby.
  • My next bit of advice—remember that you’re not just buying a boat—you’re buying a dealer. So choose a dealer who is willing to go out of his or her way to ensure your satisfaction and offer you the best possible service. Most likely, there is more than one dealership in your area, The best way to visit multiple dealerships in one stop is to visit boat shows. If you are not sure what’s the nearest boat show in your are, there is a great resource- with a list of all boat shows nationwide.
An easy way to do that is to buy from a Marine Industry Certified Dealership.
  • Marine Industry Certified Dealers have earned a reputation for taking good care of their customers. In fact, to become certified a dealership must meet independently verified high standards in everything from customer service to facilities. Also, certified dealerships have agreed abide by the Marine Industry Consumer Bill of Rights to ensure that your boating experience is as enjoyable as possible. You can find the Consumer Bills of Rights by visiting the Dealer Certification pages .
  • That means you can count on dealing with friendly, knowledgeable sales people who can help you choose the right boat for you whether you are a first time boat buyer or a seasoned boater. A Marine Industry Certified Dealership promises service you can count on before, during and after the sale.You can learn more about Marine Industry Dealership Certification and find a listing certified dealerships at discover-boating-dot-com slash certification.

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Have fun Shopping—hope to see you on the water soon!

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