Saltwater Fish - Weakfish



Cynoscion regalis

Distinguishing Markings:

Dark olive or blue-green back; sides covered in tones of blue, purple, lavender, gold and copper.  Irregular diagonal rows of vaguely-defined dark spots appear above the lateral line.  One or two prominent canine teeth usually present at tip of upper jaw; black margin on tip of the tongue. The pelvic and anal fins are yellow; pectoral fins olive on the outside, yellow underneath; the mouth is yellow inside.



Commonly 2 to 3 pounds, up to 10 pounds.



Atlantic coast fish, possibly reaching to the extreme southeastern Gulf of Mexico



Adults move inshore and north during warm months inhabiting the surf, inlets, bays, channels and estuaries; adults move offshore and south during cold months.  Juveniles inhabit estuaries which serve as nurseries.


Food Preferences:

Feeds primarily on shrimp and fish



Spawns in nearshore or estuarine areas between April and October


Fishing Tips:

Cast lures, flies, spoons, surface plugs, swimming plugs and jigs.  Use live bait such as crab, bloodworms, shrimp, and minnows.


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