Saltwater Fish - Blue Marlin


Blue Marlin

Makaira nigricans

Distinguishing Markings:

Cobalt blue on top shading to silvery white on bottom; upper jaw elongated to form a spear; dorsal fin pointed at front end; pectoral fin and anal fin pointed; lateral line reticulated (interwoven like a net), difficult to see in large specimens.  No dark spots on dorsal fin; body covered with embedded scales ending in one or two sharp points.



The largest Atlantic marlin, common to 11 feet, known to exceed 2,000 pounds.  Males do not exceed 300 pounds.



Makes trans-Atlantic migrations



Offshore, a bluewater fish


Food Preference:

Squid and pelagic fishes, including blackfin tuna and frigate mackerel.





Fishing Tips:

Caught by trolling at or close to the surface.


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