PWC Fishing Adventures: A Guide for Anglers

While "jet ski" might spring to mind when you hear "personal watercraft," that's a brand/product name! Personal watercrafts (PWCs) are mini boats propelled by water jets. They're subject to the same rules as small powerboats

PWCs are also a great way to start boating because they are economical and low-maintenance. Alternatively, they're a great way to add a second boat into your routine for a different, fun experience.

Read on to discover the top PWCs for anglers and expert fishing tips. Plus, we've got you covered with all the must-have gear!

The Best Personal Watercrafts for Anglers

Boaters love riding PWCs because they offer a thrilling experience that's as close to the water as it gets. It's like having a motorcycle on your favorite body of water! But did you know you can fish from them as well? Yup, and it's easier than it may seem.


With the right accessories, your PWC can become a highly effective fishing vessel. Its low water consumption makes it perfect for maneuvering through shallow waters. 

If you're looking for a PWC to fish from, finding one that offers plenty of space and stability is essential. You'll want to ensure you don't tip over with fishing gear (or freshly caught fish)!
Plus, if you want to bring a friend, look for a vessel with more than one seat option. And double-check that the engine can handle offshore fishing if that's your thing! Not all PWCs can go longer distances and depths. Now, let's get into our favorite PWCs for anglers.

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1. Sea-Doo FishPro Scout 130

The Sea-Doo FishPro Scout 130 is a favorite among anglers due to its exceptional fishing features that are seamlessly integrated into your PWC. It's got a cooler, rod holders, fish finders, and a beastly 130hp engine. Talk about having it all! It even has different trolling modes to help you navigate no-wake zones or tow with precision.

With this PWC, you can fish with different baits and manage multiple rods simultaneously. It's a game-changer for avid anglers – and the most affordable option for quality PWC fishing.

Check out the Sea-Doo FishPro Scout 130, which costs around $15,099.

2. Yamaha WaveRunner FX Limited SVHO

The Yamaha WaveRunner FX Limited SVHO (and the entire FX range) is an excellent option if you want to splurge a little. For a slightly higher price, this PWC can add convenient tools to make your fishing experience a breeze. Equip it with a Yamaha Jet Fish package for the ultimate PWC fishing experience. 
What's in the Jet Fish package, you ask? It includes a cooler, track-mounted rod holders, RAM cup holders, rod retention straps, tie-down straps, and track eyelet mounts. The entire Yamaha FX range starts with a cheaper, simpler model and progresses to this luxurious one.

Check out the Yamaha WaveRunner FX Limited SVHO, which starts at around $20,399.

3. Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

The Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX prioritizes comfort, featuring a 3-position adjustable luxury seat. It also features the impressive Jetsound 4S audio system and the powerful 310 hp engine. It's the perfect combination of luxury and power! Just keep in mind that you'll have to purchase the fishing add-ons separately.

Fishermen love the ample storage space in this PWC, which is ideal for all your fishing gear and essentials for a day on the water. One of its standout features is its effortless ability to reverse when navigating shallow or narrow waterways. Plus, it's got a 7-inch color display to keep tabs on your PWC performance and GPS.

Check out the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX, which starts at around $21,199.

Essential Gear When Fishing From a PWC

Regardless of the vessel you choose, it's crucial to have the essential fishing gear when fishing from a PWC:

  • Fishing rods and rod holders
  • Reels, bait, and lures
  • Tackle boxes (and storage)
  • Fishfinder (and GPS)
  • Cooler
  • Protection from the sun (like an umbrella)

Plus, other products make fishing from a PWC even more convenient. For example, PWC stabilizer kits keep your vessel steady while casting a line. The additional add-ons available depend on which vessel you choose.

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Tips for Successful PWC Fishing Trips

 A key piece of advice for PWC fishing trips is to exercise caution when operating fishing gear while the vessel is in motion. Before you get into the water, it's wise to practice casting and reeling. Also, make sure your equipment is secure and have a plan for recovering anything that falls.

A friendly reminder – it's important to be aware of the limitations of your PWC. While fishing, you'll want a vessel that can handle all your gear and keep you steady while reeling in those big catches (power and stability are key)! And don't forget to keep track of your gas levels and how far you can go on a single tank.

If you're looking for a fishing PWC, check out our convenient boat finder tool!

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