Why Every Boater Needs On-Water Towing Coverage

We all love a day of boating on the water, and with summer around the corner, we know we're about to hit the water! But, like when you drive your car, things don't always go according to plan. And no matter how well you care for your boat, it is not guaranteed that problems won't pop up when you least expect it.

Breakdowns can happen for numerous reasons! Engine trouble, dead batteries, electrical issues, and pump problems are just a few incidents that can occur. That's where on-water towing becomes a lifesaver. 

Knowing that you can get help, even in unexpected situations, gives you tremendous peace of mind. Please keep reading to learn more about boat towing coverage and why it's crucial for every boat owner to have it.

What is On-Water Towing Coverage?

Like car insurance, which covers damage, theft, or weather woes, boat insurance focuses on protecting your vessel. However, getting stuck out on the water is a different story! This is where on-water towing insurance comes in.

Offered by companies like Sea Tow or TowBoatUS or as an add-on to your existing boat insurance (like Progressive's Sign & Glide® on-water towing plan), boat towing gets you back to shore safely in case of an emergency. Think of it as roadside assistance for your boat - it doesn't cover repairs once you're back on land, but it gets you there securely.

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Why is On-Water Towing Important?

Imagine being stuck on the water with a disabled boat. So, what do you do? A short tow might cost a few hundred dollars, but a longer one (or a complicated situation) could quickly go into the thousands. In comparison, if you have boat towing coverage, you simply pay a monthly or flat fee and have help if needed.

Towing coverage provides peace of mind and a sense of security. Knowing help is just a call away, and you won't end up with a hefty bill eliminates the fear of getting stranded. A tow vessel will arrive relatively quickly, getting you back to shore safely.

What Does On-Water Towing Coverage Typically Cover?

Boat towing is handy because it covers common issues that can leave you stranded – engine failure, dead batteries, simple disentanglements, and soft ungroundings. Plus, many policies include fuel delivery. So, if you run out of gas, they'll get you moving again! 


How to Get On-Water Towing Coverage?

When looking to get boat towing coverage for your vessel, there are two main ways to go:

  • Standalone Membership: This is a membership with a company like SeaTow. You pay an annual fee and get towing coverage nationwide at all their ports (and potentially partner locations).
  • As Part of Your Boat Insurance: Some insurers, like Progressive with their Sign & Glide® on-water towing policy, offer towing as an add-on to your existing boat insurance. This can cover any boat or personal watercraft listed on your policy.

What Doesn't On-Water Towing Coverage Cover?

Boat tow coverage is a lifesaver, but it's important to understand what it does and doesn't cover. While it typically gets you out of jams like running out of gas, it might not cover situations that require specialized assistance, like a diver for a tangled prop. 

The main takeaway? Read your on-water towing agreement carefully! Like any coverage (or agreement), you want to avoid being surprised by what's not covered when you need help the most.

Don't Get Caught Without On-Water Towing Coverage!

Imagine a carefree day on the water with your family, then suddenly – a dead battery or a fuel mishap throws a wrench in your plans. Without on-water towing coverage, that peaceful day can turn stressful fast. So, don't wait for an unexpected breakdown to realize the value of towing coverage! 

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