How to Protect Your Boat from the Most Common Insurance Claim

Navigating the waters in your boat offers an exhilarating blend of freedom and adventure, but it also comes with inherent risks. Submerged object strikes are the most common boating accident type and the most common claim filed under boat insurance.

Why Every Boater Needs On-Water Towing Coverage

Knowing that you can get help, even in unexpected situations, gives you tremendous peace of mind. Please keep reading to learn more about boat towing coverage and why it's crucial for every boat owner to have it.

8 Reasons Why Boat Insurance Is Important

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a weekend enthusiast,  prioritizing boat insurance is essential for a worry-free voyage.

Boat Insurance Coverage: What Do Boat Insurance Policies Cover?

Understanding the ins and outs of boat insurance can give you peace of mind in understanding your options—and financial security in your coverage.

How Does the Boat Insurance Claim Process Work?

By purchasing an insurance policy for your boat, you’re protecting yourself and your assets in the event of various on-water emergencies. 

How Much Does Boat Insurance Cost?

How much is boat insurance? Prices vary, but this in-depth guide can help you find the best price for your personal circumstances.